Frequently Asked Questions

Unscrupulous Techniques?

Many bondsmen are using unscrupulous techniques to lure you into posting a bail bond with them.

Online Forms

Filling out online forms is the most common technique they use to get information on defendants.

They take the information, go and post a bond on the defendant before being paid, and claim you have authorized the bond. Once the defendant is released, they demand payment or threaten to place the defendant back into custody. This is an illegal practice and you should notify the Department of Insurance immediately if this has happened to you or someone you know. California Department of Insurance.

Ghost Offices

Some Bondsmen claim to have offices in many cities, but the reality is that these are just so called “ghost offices”. These offices often do not exist.

They may have a posting agent, but not from the location claimed. Most of these “agents” want to meet up with you at weird locations (such as a bar, a fast food parking lot or even the jail). They will ask for cash only, write down all of your pertinent information and disappear from sight. We have people calling us asking what they can do to not fall pray to these rogue bondsman or con artists, who are waiting around jails, courthouses or online. Be aware that these people are out there to take advantage of you, not to help you.

We have been in the community since 1935 and have seen this go on over time. It is imperative that you make sure they have an actual office where you can visit, or know the bondsman personally (if they work out of their home) in case you have questions or need to make a payment. You do not want your personal information out where anyone can get it. Always ask for their physical address, especially if you don’t know them, and if they approach you (which is illegal to do even if they say they are a “licensed solicitor” because there is no such thing), just kindly say no thank you and walk away.

Unsolicited Phone Call

If you get an unsolicited phone call out of the blue, and you never gave anyone your number to call, then try to get their information first.

For instance their phone number and name of agent or agency they work for, and ask how they got your number. That way it can be reported to the Department of Insurance right after the incident happened.

Bait And Switch

Another technique they use is that they promise you a ridiculously low-rate (in other words, below the industry standards) and no-interest payments.

These unscrupulous bondsmen are using the “bait and switch” technique. They promise you one thing and in the end charge you something else. It is also illegal for a bondsman to charge you interest, period.

Again if anything previously described has happened to you or someone you know, please contact the Department of Insurance immediately, and together we can stop allowing these people to keep on practicing criminal behavior. Getting Help from the California Department of Insurance.

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